Juli 25, 2024

Call for paper

Theme: Discovering Instructional Method and Platforms in the New Era of Digital Age

We are pleased to invite you to participate in 1st AICONIE by submitting your abstract. The subthemes covered in this conference including :

  1. The importance of Islamic education in contemporary times
  2. Curriculum development and teaching strategies in Islamic education
  3. Integrating technology and multimedia in Islamic education
  4. Quranic studies and their relevance in modern times
  5. Islamic values and character building
  6. Islamic education for women
  7. Addressing challenges and opportunities in Islamic education
  8. Promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding through Islamic education
  9. The role of Islamic education in promoting social justice and community development.

Please submit your abstract here https://bit.ly/Form1stAICONIE and accepted paper will be informed by email. Submission in the form of full papers are welcomed. All submitted papers will be peer reviewed.The selected papers will be published in Atlantic Press and ISSN Nasional Proceeding. (Additional Cost)

Paper Template http://bit.ly/template1stAICONIE